X-Skim Spatula 36” Plazi 1.5mm (900x120x70mm)


The REFINA X-SKIM™ PLAZI Spatula is a versatile hand tool solution that is capable of flattening, finishing and skimming walls and ceilings no matter the size. Thanks to the new X-SKIM™ interchangeable blade design, these spatulas can swap their blades on the fly with a simple tool-free blade change system allowing you to replace blades easily or even swap your blade from stainless steel to durable plastic. ‘TRUE EDGE™ Technology’ ensures the X-SKIM™ range of spatulas delivers consistently professional results the first time, every time, throughout plastering, rendering, drylining and even the flooring and tiling trades. Notched blades and spatulas will be available soon.

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X-Skim Spatula 36” Plazi 1.5mm (900x120x70mm)


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