White Window Reveal Bead (6mm)


  • 2.5m length
  • Provides protection at the top of window and door frames
  • Minimises cracks and water ingress
  • Impact-resistant
  • High-quality uPVC
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Window Reveal Bead – 6mm

Window reveal bead is used in thin coat render systems to provide a clean professional finish around windows and doors.

The bead is designed to make contact with the frame of the window – there is an adhesive strip on the bottom of the bead that holds it in place initially. The mesh from the bead then runs back along the reveal of the window or door. Mesh is a key component of thin coat render systems helping to prevent cracking and is embedded within basecoat adhesive (e.g. EWI Pro Premium Adhesive EWI-225).

In addition to the adhesive strip, there is also a rubber flap on the window reveal bead that creates a weatherproof seal when it sits on the window frame.

Window reveal bead is the professional way to finish around windows and doors, creating a long-lasting weatherproof solution. Installers will often use silicone sealant around windows and doors, however with a lifespan of only a few years, the sealant often fails long before any maintenance is required on the rest of the thin coat render system.

This 6mm Window Reveal Bead is made from impact-resistant hard PVC.

PLEASE NOTE – the yellow strip is removed after install – it initially is used to protect the surface of the bead from any render splashes to ensure the finished product is nice and clean.

Window Reveal Bead Intended Uses:

The Window Reveal Bead is designed for use around window and door frames. It means no silicone sealant needs to be used and creates a crisp finish around the window.

Window Reveal Bead Technical Specifications:

  • Linear Meterage: 2.5 metres
  • Mesh: Reinforced fibreglass – UV & Weatherproof and impact resistant
  • Materials: PVC & Fibreglass Mesh
  • Impact-resistant, UV and weatherproof PVC profile
  • Removable tape strip and rubber seal
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