Corner Bead with Mesh (6mm)


  • 2.5m length
  • Provides protection around openings
  • Minimises cracks occurring around openings
  • Impact-resistant
  • Mesh wings
  • High-quality uPVC
  • 6mm drip

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Corner Bead 6mm (2.5m)

Corner Bead with Mesh and 6mm Nose

This corner bead is used on 90-degree external corners in thin coat render systems. Corner beading is crucial for strength and clean lines around windows, corners and door frames.

This corner bead with mesh and 6mm nose consists of a rigid PVC 90-degree angle, with two ‘wings’ of fibreglass mesh, which help tie the bead into the system.

In thin coat render systems, a nose is not required on the corner bead, as normally the corner bead is completed embedded within the basecoat layer of the render, however some installers like the nose on the corner bead to act as a guide for basecoat depth.

The corner bead with mesh and 6mm nose helps to provide nice accurate 90-degree corners on a building. This thin coat render corner bead also helps protect the corner against impact damage.

This corner bead is 2.5m in length

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