NELA – Edge Black Edition Spatula 600mm


NELA Black Edition Spatula


A unique design including a handle with a moulded grip for comfort and ease, as well as a flexible stainless steel blade that accelerate the process of smoothing surfaces.

Flexible stainless steel blade allows levelling of surfaces immediately after plaster application, therefore increasing the speed of the whole plastering process.

Stainless steel blade levels and ‘rules off’ in a small percentage of the time over Featheredges and Darby’s.

Designed perfectly moulded to your grip. This ergonomic design and lightweight construction increases comfort and reduces the need for the trowel during certain aspects of the plastering process.

Unique flexible stainless steel blade carries no moisture to the surface allowing quicker deployment of trowel increasing the speed of the overall process.

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NELA – Edge Black Edition Spatula 600mm

NELA’s finishing spatula is a dynamic tool developed to advance and intensify the overall plastering process.

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