EPS Basecoat Adhesive (EWI-220) – 25kg


  • Waterproof
  • Frost-resistant
  • High elasticity
  • EPS adhesive and basecoat
  • 25kg dry mix

EWI-220 EPS Basecoat is a universal EPS basecoat that also acts as an EPS adhesive. This product is perfect for those that want to minimise product waste by having just one bag on-site.

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EWI-220 EPS Basecoat Adhesive 

EWI Pro’s EWI-220 EPS Basecoat Adhesive (25kg) is our most popular EPS compatible adhesive. It is a dual-purpose product, used to fix EPS insulation to substrates and also as part of the basecoat reinforcement layer. Once dry, the adhesive provides a strong, flexible and waterproof layer. Being dual-purpose, this product allows installers to have only one type of bag on-site, meaning less wastage.

The preparation process for EWI-220 is the same for both basecoat reinforcement layers and for fixing EPS insulation boards to the substrate. The following substrates are suitable for the application of EPS insulation boards using EWI-220: ordinary concrete, walls of ceramic and silicate elements, concrete, light-aggregate and cellular concrete with an untreated surface, plastered, painted or textured.


You should mix EWI-220 dry mix with clean, cold water (5.8 litres) prior to use. We suggest using a large bucket and adding the water prior to the EPS Basecoat Adhesive. You can use a paddle mix to mix EWI-220 with the water until you achieve an even consistency mortar. Once the EPS Basecoat Adhesive has been mixed, leave the bucket for 5-10 minutes and then remix using the paddle mix – the adhesive is then ready for use.

If using the EPS Basecoat Adhesive for the basecoat layer, apply it using a 10mm notched trowel to the substrate. Next, embed overlapping pieces of Fibreglass Mesh; the mesh should sit within the middle of the basecoat layer. Once embedded, the basecoat layer should be 6mm in total.

When applying EWI-220 to the back of EPS insulation boards, you can apply adhesive in two waits. Either apply EWI-220 to the whole surface of the EPS board using a notched trowel or apply it to the perimeter of the insulation board with 3 dabs across the middle. If using Mineral Wool, then EWI-225 (Premium Basecoat) must be used instead of EWI-220.

Please note: this product should not be used as a render-only basecoat onto masonry. Please use EWI-225 for this purpose.

  • Substrate primer: EWI- 301 or EWI-310 if a key is required.
  • Application temperature (air, substrate, materials): from +5°C to +25°C
  • Water mix proportions: approx. 5.8 l of water per 25 kg of dry mix
  • Time of usability after mixing with water: approx. 2 hours (temp. +20°C)
  • Quantity to be used: approximately 4-5 kg/m2

Storing EPS Basecoat Adhesive

Comes in powder form in a 25kg paper bag.

Store in a cool, dry place. Avoid ingress of water. Shelf life: up to 12 months from the date of manufacture.

EPS Basecoat Adhesive Coverage Rates

Basecoat/Adhesive – 25kg/2.5m2

Render Only:

(Brick/block) – 25kg/2.5m2

(RCB) – 25kg/3-3.5m2

(Insulation) – 25kg/3-3.5m2

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