6mm Render Movement Bead (2.5m)


  • 2.5m length
  • Render Depth 6 – 8mm
  • Prevents cracking
  • Vertical application
  • Impact-resistant
  • High-quality uPVC

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6mm Render Movement Bead (2.5m)

The Render Movement Bead a uPVC, impact resistant and weatherproof solution for render and EWI systems. The Movement Bead is embedded vertically within the 6mm basecoat layer and helps to prevent cracking where there are wide expanses of render (typically over 12m).

Intended Uses:

The Render Movement Bead is intended for dividing up large expanses of render to ensure that the system remains stable and crack-resistant.

Technical Specification:

  • Linear Meterage: 2.5 metres
  • Mesh: Reinforced fibreglass – UV & Weatherproof and impact resistant
  • Materials: PVC & Fibreglass Mesh
  • Impact-resistant, UV and weatherproof PVC profile
  • Render Depth Range – 6 – 8mm
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